Please find some of the most important references, focusing on VMS for fisheries industry.


EMA Group’s products and solutions are applicable to a broad range of industries, appropriate for service providers, end customers and system integrators. Apart from several VMS installations, EMA has also provided other turn-key system solutions to Malta, the UK, the US, Indonesia, and other countries in the Mediterranean, Scandinavia, and other maritime markets worldwide.


Department of Fisheries is enforcing VMS installations throughout the territory of Kingdom of Thailand. The BlueTraker® VMS fisheries monitoring satellite terminals are the only Iridium satellite network based VMS terminals on the Thai market and besides true global coverage BlueTraker® VMS offers clients a route to upgrade their VMS terminals to future requirements. This way fishermen gain better overall performance for the same or lower cost of operation


EMA Group has won VMS tender for 12-15m vessels in 2013. Currently, there are 100 fishing vessels in process of installation


Directorate of Fisheries approved BlueTraker VMS Hybrid and declares compliance with Greek regulations in April 2014. Since than over 500 BlueTraker VMS terminals already in operation on national fishing vessels

Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone awarded Tender to AST UK/EMA Group consortium for fishing vessels monitoring in 2013. More than 60 BlueTraker VMS terminals are installed and operating


In 2013, the BlueTraker® VMS fisheries monitoring satellite terminals have received a Type Approval from the Indonesian authority: Directorate General of Resources and Equipment, permitting sales and installations throughout the territory of Republic of Indonesia. The BlueTraker® VMS fisheries monitoring satellite terminals are the only Iridium satellite network based VMS terminals on the Indonesian market and therefore offer clients a route to upgrade their current VMS terminals to gain better overall performance for the same or lower cost of operation.


EMA Group has won two VMS tenders dated 2007 and 2013. First systems set the path for 12-15m vessels upgrade in 2013. Croatia decided to implement a complete VMS solution including FMC servers and onboard terminals. Currently, there are 300 fishing vessels in operation. This number will be close to 500 by the end of 2013.

United Kingdom

The UK Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) has awarded the contract for the installation of Vessel Monitoring Systems (VMS) satellite devices to the AST UK/EMA Group consortium. The contract requires supply and install of 300 BlueTrakerVMS terminals to the UK fishing fleet before the end of 2012 and in 2013.


Montenegro awarded EMA Group the contract for implementing its BlueTraker® based Vessel Monitoring System based on the the tender for the country's commercial fishing fleet in February 2012. 25 BlueTraker® VMS terminals have been installed to Montenegrin fishing vessels by the end of year 2012. Additionally the flow of data has been integrated with Fisheries Monitoring Center database to deliver all the data directly.


The Directorate of Fisheries tested BlueTraker® VMS terminals and declared compliance with Norwegian regulations in April 2011. Approx. 200 BlueTraker® VMS terminals are already in operation.


EMA Group has won a VMS tender in February 2011 and led EMA Group - Trackwell - FBS consortium during installetion and commissioning activities. More than 200 BlueTraker® VMS terminal have been installed and are in operation currently.


More than 10 tuna fishing vessels have been equiped in 2007, addting addtional Libyan vessels in 2012. This installation is still active and an upgrade is expected for 2013.


National fishing fleet has been equipped with the first generation BlueTraker® VMS terminals.

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