Products: Cruise & Ferry

  • Octopus 10

    Octopus 10

    The Octopus 10 is a cost effective off-the-shelf eLogbook / VMS solution for fisheries

    The Octopus 10 is a touch screen terminal with pre-installed applications for fisheries. Designed to be tough and rugged, Octopus 10 terminals are ideal for use in marine/industrial environments. Octopus 10 terminals provide communication with a BlueTraker® VMS device for sending documents, such as catch reports, compliance forms and exchange other data with the Fisheries Monitoring Centre (FMC).

  • Telematic Data Server (TDS)

    Telematic Data Server (TDS)

    Secure processing, storage, re-formatting and forwarding the collected vessel's data.

  • MyBlueTraker


    Web based mapping application tailored to fleet managers needs.

  • ZoneManager


    ZoneManager is a web based application providing an insight into the BlueTraker® communication terminal’s  performance data, characteristics and various message delivery.

  • EMA Adaptor Board 9612

    EMA Adaptor Board 9612

    The EMA Adaptor Board 9612 for Iridium SBD modules is a perfect solution for you to upgrade from the Iridium 9601 to the new Iridium 9602 SBD transceiver, without any redesign of your current communications device.

  •  BlueTraker® SSAS

    BlueTraker® SSAS

    The best of the few Iridium based SSAS terminals available!

  •  BlueTraker® LRIT

    BlueTraker® LRIT

    Truly global communication coverage, including sea area A4, utilizing Iridium satellite network!

  •  BlueTraker®


    The BlueTraker® marine graded terminals are wireless gateways with embedded Satellite, GSM/GPRS modems, GPS receiver and back-up rechargable battery.