BlueTraker® HMI-7 Touch screen terminal

The BlueTraker® HMI-7 terminal is a Human Machine Interface (HMI) for the BlueTraker®VMS system for fisheries monitoring

A 7” high resolution (800x480 pixels) touch-screen LCD is IP65/NEMA4 salt water and dust protected. 
It is installed in a fishing vessel’s wheel house or bridge to expand and improve the functionality of the BlueTraker®VMS system.
The BlueTraker® HMI-7 displays the following informations:

  • Position,speed and heading of a vessel
  • BlueTraker®VMS system operational status
  • GSM and Iridium signal quality
  • adds a range of optional functionalities (i.e. messaging...)


  • InPort and Gear Up/Down controls,
  • Alert Button functionality to report distress situation to FMC (Fisheries Monitoring Centre)
  • Overview
  • Components
  • Resources





BlueTraker® HMI-7 Touch screen terminal  models comparison

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