Telematic Data Server (TDS)

Secure processing, storage, re-formatting and forwarding the collected vessel's data.

TDS processes data contextually and statistically, stores them in various databases, two of them being the MyBlueTraker and ZoneManager databases. The whole process seamlessly enables reliable and near real-time data delivery to any kind of Bluetraker or Third Party database, server or application.

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TDS receives position and other data, also generated alarms, from the BlueTraker® terminals at sea. These data most frequently include: vessel's position, speed, heading, sensor reading, etc. TDS is able to receive these data by Iridium satellite or GPRS communication channel. 

TDS processes data contextually and statistically, to prepare data to be used for further analysis. The vessel data is available to national monitoring centers, customers to safely manage their fleets etc. The whole process seamlessly enables reliable and near real-time data delivery, which means getting information to the responsible people who need it, when they need it.

Some of the commands supported by TDS (bi-directional data exchange):

  • POLL command;
  • HRDR command (High Resolution Data Request);
  • RIC command (request interval Change);
  • RESET command (to reset BlueTraker® terminals);
  • STANDBY command;
  • ALARM message;
  • FILE transfer;
  • ASCII messages exchange;
  • FOTA (Firmware Over The Air);
  • GEOZONES management (uploading to BlueTraker® terminals at sea).



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