Solutions: Fisheries

  • Vessel Monitoring System (VMS)

    Vessel Monitoring System (VMS)

    BlueTraker VMS solution enables tracking fishing vessels wherever they might be, even in the Sea area A4.

  • Custom Tailored Solutions

    Custom Tailored Solutions

    Keep it simple by choosing the most effective tailored solutions for easy commercial fleet management.

  • Arctic Shipping

    Arctic Shipping

    Due to global warming, new Artic passages are opening up, long-sought after by explorers and shipping companies as a short cut between the continents.


  • BlueSenz IoT for Fisheries

    BlueSenz IoT for Fisheries

    BlueSenz by BlueTraker® is revolutionizing the way that FMCs manage their fish stocks and marine reserves. By receiving precise, accurate fishing effort data directly from the seas, FMCs can form a more accurate picture of how to sustainably manage their fisheries.

    BlueSenz is a collection of wireless sensor devices mounted directly to the fishing gear (winches/net drums and nets) allowing an FMC to track and monitor fishing activities of any of the vessels in their fleets (wherever they might be). BlueSenz system transmits precise data back to the FMC granting them the ability to make more informed decisions and manage their marine resources more effectively. BlueSenz removes any uncertainty about the fishing activities of your vessels, whether they are 3, 30 or even 300 miles from the shore!