BlueSenz IoT for Fisheries

BlueSenz by BlueTraker® is revolutionizing the way that FMCs manage their fish stocks and marine reserves. By receiving precise, accurate fishing effort data directly from the seas, FMCs can form a more accurate picture of how to sustainably manage their fisheries.

BlueSenz is a collection of wireless sensor devices mounted directly to the fishing gear (winches/net drums and nets) allowing an FMC to track and monitor fishing activities of any of the vessels in their fleets (wherever they might be). BlueSenz system transmits precise data back to the FMC granting them the ability to make more informed decisions and manage their marine resources more effectively. BlueSenz removes any uncertainty about the fishing activities of your vessels, whether they are 3, 30 or even 300 miles from the shore!

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All fishing gear becomes tagged and certified
Fishing gear is tagged with zero-power RFID tags called GearBolt. These arereadable using a mobile RFID reader, providing the FMCs with a national fleet ‘fishing gear register’.

Accurate winch activation data
WSN sends an alerts when a winch is active. It counts the number of revolutionsand rotation direction.

Precise net deployment and haul locations
FMCs are able to view when and where a net is deployed in the sea, allowing them to determine when a vessel is fishing.

Self-installable by fishermen
Fishermen are able to attach the wireless sensors by themselves (no tools needed).

No wires or cables
Wireless communication minimizes interference with other fishing gear or fishermen on board.

Data & Device security
Designed according to advance encryption standards, the sensors data are protected and cannot be spoofed or jammed.

Long lifespan
Sensors operate for up to 5 years without external power.

Increased Fishermen Accountability
FMCs can now demand almost immediate accountability from their captains if fishermen engage in illegal or improper fishing activities on the sea.



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