Fleet Tracking and Monitoring (FTM)

Enables submitting, collecting and processing valuable information used for various purposes.

Low cost and real time vessel tracking and monitoring is a major factor to optimize a vessel's performance and ensure alerts upon specific events. Solution consists of these elements:

  • BlueTraker® terminals aboard vessels;
  • TDS (Telematics Data Service) communication server;
  • MyBlueTraker® mapping and reporting application.

Solutions based on BlueTraker® terminals are able to gather the following data:

  • Travelled routes and distances;
  • Speed and heading;
  • Geographical coordinates;
  • Communication status;
  • Terminal performance status;
  • Power source status;
  • Sensor readings;
  • Short ASCII messages;
  • Small size file transfer;
  • Alerts.

And many more.


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Data distribution services

  • Data delivery to any third party monitoring application;
  • Fixed airtime subscription for data delivery;
  • No roaming costs;
  • Trully global coverage;
  • Real time position reporting down to once every 5 or 15 minutes.

MyBlueTraker® mapping and reporting application

  • Web access to the monitoring application to pinpoint your vessel’s position in real time;
  • View an entire fleet, a group, or a single vessel on map charts with zoom and pan functionality;
  • Location / speed / heading / route logs display;
  • Set geo-zones entry/exit to report alarm;
  • View alerts, statistics, and reports;
  • Review detailed historical tracking data.



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