Ship Security Alert System (SSAS)

The BlueTraker® SSAS solution offers trully worldwide SSAS service, including the Sea area A4.

The BlueTraker®SSAS terminals offer trully global communication coverage using the Iridium Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite constellation. We offer two terminal models:    

  • BlueTrakaer® SSAS (+55°C and -25°C);   
  • BlueTraker® SSAS Arctic (from+55°C to -55°C).

Considering the above stated, we offer a reliable, safe & secure and truly global SSAS solution for all types of vessels in all of the sea areas. It is a cost effective solution for a long life operation. Its exceptional features and benefits are unparalleled on the market.

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Smart engineering is the key

All electronic components used in a BlueTraker® SSAS Arctic are selected to survive low operating temperature range and special, smart thermostatic temperature control enables successful “Cold State Power-up” at temperatures unthinkable before – important in cases of main power loss within an extreme cold environment and with the ability to power-up again. Smart Firmware, specially designed for Arctic operations provides safe thermostatic control without electromagnetic interference (EMI).


Specially purposed mounting and installation accessories

Carefully selected stainless steel (EN1.4571) is used for the mounting accessory, which is capable of withstanding mechanical stress and vibration down to -55° C and lower. Arctic grade power supply cable ensures required flexibility and reliable operation in extreme cold.



On board security alert systems are governed by various internationally agreed rules and regulations as promulgated by the International Maritime Organisation – IMO, as recommended by its’ associated  sub-committees, principally the Maritime Safety Committee (MSC).



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