Vessel Monitoring System (VMS)

BlueTraker VMS solution enables tracking fishing vessels wherever they might be, even in the Sea area A4.

The BlueTraker® VMS solution has been thoroughly tested and has already been operational for years in several countries. The system complies with EU, NEAFC, NAFO and SEAFO regulations on data exchange, and to bilateral agreements commonly made between countries. It also fully complies with EU Commission Regulation Nos. 2244/2003, 1224/2009 and Implementing Regulation No. 404/2011.

The solution consists of three important elements:

  • BlueTraker® VMS terminals aboard the fishing vessels;
  • TDS (Telematic Data delivery Services) communication server;
  • FMC (Fisheries Monitoring Center) software and hardware.
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BlueTraker® VMS transponders, as most important element of any VMS systems worldwide, offer a wide array of unparalleled benefits, unequaled on the global market:

  • lower operating costs and high frequency of position reports at the same time;
  • seamless automatic switching from GPRS to SAT channel and back;
  • low installation cost and improved safety and security through one-cable installation, connecting the device to the power source;
  • no need for any on-site intervention using over the air firmware upgrading;
  • reliable and cost-efficient operation through a robust and maintenance-free device;
  • enables integration with the existing FMC infrastructure regardless of the communication channel;
  • operates for up to 3 full days on the embedded battery in the event of a power failure;
  • simple mounting with a RailMount or UniMount mounting kit;
  • unrivalled safety and security level, and
  • fully compliant with Council Regulation (EC) Nos.2371/2002 and 1224/2009.



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