12 Reasons Why BlueTraker Products are the most Secure on the Market

One of the most consistent concerns from our clients surrounds the security of our devices:

  • How easily     could     a     BlueTraker    VMS be     jammed?
  • How will we know if someone has opened/tampered with a device?
  • How can we be sure that the devices are not substituted for ‘knock-off’ products?

Ensuring that our products can guarantee information integrity is something that is taken very seriously in the design process. That is why we provide 12 different layers of security to ensure that the information sent (or received) is protected against any outside interference.

The approaches we have taken are divided into 2 different strands:

Mechanical Security Measures:

  1. Secure mechanically coded
  2. Security seals with the serial numbers laser marked on the wiring.
  3. Serial numbers on
  4. Laser engraved product serial

Electrical Security Measures:

  1. Integrated design with no antenna
  2. Hybrid communication
  3. Built-in
  4. Built-in back-up
  5. Built-in light sensor detects
  6. Key communication modules carry security
  7. Unique product serial numbers are electrically
  8. Code Read Protection (CRP).

At BlueTraker we place security and protection of your data as one of our highest priorities. So if someone is intending upon interfering with a VMS system, they’ll think twice before messing with a BlueTraker. If you want to talk more about the ways that BlueTraker can help protect your clients’ data then please get in contact with us:[email protected].

More: 12 reasons why bluetraker products are the most secure on the market (PDF)

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