Tracking your fleet and making sure it operates efficiently and is also environmently friendly has never been so important. Using MyBlueTraker you are able to analyze your fleet performance in real time and advise your crew at sea regarding the most optimal travel route. Your operations can be as simple as day-to-day tracking or as complex as real-time fuel monitoring.
Application provides immediate visual access to each individual vessel in the fleet and its data. All vessels in the fleet are to be equiped withBlueTraker®terminals. This way it will also serve as an asset management solution reporting: geographic position, speed, heading, sensor readings, triggered alarms, diagnostic reports etc.

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Web based mapping application tailored to fleet managers needs.

Real-time tracking

Regular geographical position reports including speed and heading data. Using POLL command you are able to immediately retrieve vessel's position regardless of pre-defined reporting frequency. You are also able to remotely adjust reporting frequency using RIC (Reporting Interval Change) command to optimize costs and BlueTraker® terminal utilization

Map view

View you entire fleet on map using advanced map tools to investigate the current situation. If needed historical records can also be displayed.

Trip reports

Serve to analyze vessel or fleet movement in a specific time interval. Trip reports show locations where the vessel had stopped, how long each stop has lasted, duration of the whole travel, distances and average speeds between stops, etc.

Geo zones / Geo fences

Offers basic geo zones management tool ensuring alerting when crossing the borders (entry, exit). When more advanced geo zone management tool is needed, ZoneManager is used.
Events and alerts
Special conditions can trigger pre-defined alerts to be generated (power supply disconnection, tamper detection, geo zone entry, geo zone exit etc.). Events represent the point in time important for BlueTraker® terminal's performance (power on, power off, diagnostic message etc.)

Messaging and file exchange

Short text messages and small size files can be exchanged between MyBluetraker user and the vessel fitted with BlueTraker terminal in real time.

Historical investigations

The solution is not limited to tracking, monitoring and alerting but can also play a role in detailed vessel tracking history investigation. Detailed historical data can be retrieved from the BlueTraker®terminal in the field, using HRDR (High Resolution Data request) command. Enabling our customers to present evidence in case of any insurance or service claims due to incidents/emergencies at sea.

Fleet management

Vessels, captain/skipper and locations registries are available to be used. Combining this information with the other features ensures a complete and organized fleet overview.


MyBlueTraker user manual

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